Air Import and Export

AGL provides air cargo services from all international origins (including China, India and other Asian countries) around the world for our clients. Shipping cargo freight via air reduces the time involved in the supply chain and is beneficial for quick inventory control and fast delivery times.  American Global Logistics is a leader in air cargo shipments in the US and around the world. AGL air cargo services works provide real time solutions for high priority shipments.

AGL specializes in air cargo transportation and shipping. Here are some features of our air transportation program.

  • Daily/Weekly consolidation to major gateways all over the world
  • Time sensitive cargo – to meet urgent deadlines
  • Dangerous goods expertise
  • Experienced gateway operations team
  • Specialized charters for over-dimensional and overweight items.
  • ATA/ATD/DTA/DTD Services
  • Customized packages to meet your timeline & rate requirements
  • Domestic Air Transportation
  • Strong relationship & capacity agreements
  • First available flight services
  • Consolidation services
  • Door-to-door services

If your company needs to get products and goods to inventory and manufacturing locations fast, our air cargo transportation services are your leverage to insure safe, fast and dependable delivery that can be counted on time and time again. Let us source your next air shipment to prove how easy fast we can deliver your inventory and raw goods across the world. Air shipment of your cargo is the fastest option for when you need products right away to fill inventory, orders and production.