AGL Wellness Lunch & Learn: Optimal Health & Lean Body

american global logistics

american global logistics

September 17th, AGL Atlanta meet for a wellness lunch & learn session. The topic for this meeting was “Optimal Health & Lean Body”. The facilitator for this session was Natasha Mickens, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator presented an education series on Healthy Eating Habits 101.

Natasha, representing Emory Health gave employees the following tips for grocery shopping. She suggested that we write down or ask these questions before shopping for groceries:

  • What Meals would I like to make for the next week?
  • Which foods do I need from the store to make these meals?
  • What foods do I already have in the house?
  • Shop no more than once a week (the less you shop the less you are tempted). Shop the perimeter of the store(the healthiest items are around the perimeter of the store.(Fresh & vegetables, low fat dairy, fish and poultry).
  • Shop with a list.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time buying “diet” foods. These foods do not save you many calories, grams of carbohydrate, or fat.
    Always keep fresh & frozen vegetables, fruit, lemon, lime juice, mustard, seasonings, olive oil, canola oil and whole wheat bread.

She also reviewed the importance of reading nutrition labels:

  • Read the food labels to measure the nutrition values so you are aware of your nutrient intake. If the label shows zero trans-fat, pls be mindful that regulations allow for any food item to show zero trans-fat if it has less than 0.5. of trans fat.
  • All the nutrition information on the label applies to the serving size listed. Using the portion listed on the label is important to determine the correct grams of carbs, fat, protein and sodium.
  • Choose foods with 5g fat or less for a snack and 12 g fat or less for a meal.
  • Limit your total sodium intake to less than 500 mg per meal. A food that contains 140 mg sodium or less per serving is considered to be a low sodium food.
  • The total grams of carbohydrate listed on a label include everything that will turn to sugar in the food whether it is added or is naturally occurring. Note that sugar listed on a nutrition label is part of the Total Carbohydrate in the product.
  • Daily protein requirements are a little more complicated because the amount we need changes with age and also if you are male or female.

Natasha closed with other keys:

  • Half of your plate should consist of vegetables and fruits, a lean protein, whole grains and don’t forget the dairy products.
    Avoid extra fats and most of all, take your time and eat slowly.
  • Take control of your food to maintain a lean body.
  • Eat more often to keep your metabolism rate high, choose healthier options such as baked instead of fried.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by choosing fresh fruit or yogurt and try new foods/recipes low in calories.

AGL Named WINNER of prestigious “Atlanta World Show Case: International Trade Award”

ATL World Showcase

ATL World ShowcaseTonya Layman, Contributing Writer

A six-year-old Atlanta company has grown to become one of the largest ocean-based import logistics companies in Georgia, and international trade has been a key part of that expansion.

American Global Logistics LLC (AGL) has grown from $36 million in revenue in 2008 to nearly $200 million in 2012.

“It has got to be about 95 percent of our business is international with a small percentage domestic,” said Jim Briles, the company’s chief operating officer. “A large majority of our clients are shipping from Asia to the United States. We procure them space with air carriers or ocean carriers and manage their shipment of goods.”

While not a direct importer or exporter, AGL provides services to some of the biggest global sourcers in the United States, including ocean and air transportation, customs brokerage and compliance consulting, purchase order management, carrier allocation management, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, cloud-based track and trace capabilities, and transportation management systems.

The company is ready to embark on a new growth strategy that includes hiring salespeople to help secure new clients.

“We have had tremendous growth for the past six years and we have done that without the use of salespeople. It has all been referral business,” Briles said. “But now we are trying to create a bigger footprint and grow more so than in the past.”

For its track record of growth in international trade, AGL is the winner of the International Trade Award in Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2013 Governor’s International Awards in partnership with World Trade Center Atlanta.

AGL has experienced a 33 percent employment growth rate since the start of 2012, bringing numerous professional job opportunities to metro Atlanta.

“This is such a great place to do business,” Briles said of the greater Atlanta area. “Having the airport here is huge — you can go about anywhere on a direct flight. Savannah is home to the biggest port on the East Coast. There is a young, energetic workforce here, and Atlanta has become the technology hotbed of the south.”

The company’s president and CEO, Chad Rosenberg, has been active in the Georgia business community for more than 15 years.

Under his leadership, plans are underway for AGL to expand service offerings, operation capabilities and sales efforts.

Briles said as the company expands it will focus on capturing more domestic clients and increase trucking capabilities. But its key to success — customer service — will be the foundation, he said.

“At the end of the day, we are just a customer service company, whether we are providing logistics or anything else,” he said. “I think a lot of success is due to our approach of building long-term relationships with our customers. This business can be very transactional-based but we try to make it relationship-based.”

The company currently has about 50 long-standing customers, Briles said.

The company’s culture includes an emphasis on community service.

In December 2011, AGL formed the American Global Logistics Employee Foundation with $1 million in private funding and the intent to work with local and national charities.

The foundation supports initiatives in economic opportunity and growth, workforce development and expansion, education, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness with donations of volunteer time and money.

During a client trip to Panama, the AGL group visited a local orphanage and provided new shoes and candy for 150 children and residents.

Beyond providing charity, the outing strengthened AGL’s relationship with some of its clients, Briles said.

“Last year when we took three clients to Panama with us that was a truly rewarding experience that helped deepen our relationship with them as we got to spend personal, quality time together,” he said, “and it gave them an opportunity to do something they probably couldn’t have done on their own.”

The foundation has worked with the Containers 2 Clinics program, which provides medical care for people in the developing world by repurposing shipping containers as medical clinics.

The AGL group covered the freight cost and customs clearance services for a clinic at Camp Coq, Haiti, which opened recently.

The foundation partnered with Children’s International to donate containerized freight services for several projects in Barranquilla, Colombia, and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

AGL volunteers have also cooked and served hot meals at Genesis Shelter, a nonprofit facility in Atlanta that provides shelter and services to infants six months of age and younger, and their families. There, AGL volunteers have hosted a Halloween party for the children, purchased new bedding for the shelter’s rooms and sponsored a monthlong baby goods drive, on top of a monetary donation by the company.

Since the beginning of 2012, the AGL Employee Foundation has also provided support to numerous other charitable organizations, including the Jewish General Hospital, American Cancer Society, Paint Georgia Pink, American Lung Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, National Charity League Inc. and Jewish Federations.

Andy Burnett, partner at Frazier & Deeter LLC, has been impressed with AGL’s growth.

“I think AGL offers a unique level of client service and has a leadership team that truly cares about its clients and team members,” he said. “They have a very entrepreneurial spirit and it shows in their growth and direction of the company.”

Full article here –> Biz Journals

AGL Supports Military Serviceman with Herobox


Recently, employees at the Atlanta American Global Logistics office contributed to HeroBox, a non-profit organization that supports deployed American service members. This organizations focuses on providing physical and moral support for our heroes overseas. There are many ways to contribute to this organization. AGL sponsored two service members, a male and a female, through the myHero program. We sent them each a box full of goodies they had requested. They are appreciative of anything we send, but it is nice to be able to give them things they want that make them feel more at home. We also participated in the HeroDay program, which pairs groups/organizations/companies with deployed units.

AGL’s Assigned Unit from Stewart, GA

Our assigned unit is 140 soldiers strong from Fort Stewart, Georgia. They are Engineer Heavy Equipment Operators that are spread across Southern Afghanistan conducting construction and deconstruction missions. The boxes consisted of very simple items, that civilians like us, take for granted every day. We sent our assigned company a K-cup coffee maker with a variety of K-cups, protein bars, playing cards, activity books, chips, trail mix and gum. They had suggested a few items, so we wanted to make sure to provide those items, but we also included items that we thought they would enjoy. Everyone at the Atlanta AGL office loved participating in this project. As a group we took time to, shop for items, fill the boxes and bring the boxes to the post office, but it was rewarding to do so. We have already heard from the Captain of the 140 strong company and she said the boxes have been flowing in. Her company was very appreciative of the K-cup maker because theirs had recently broke. Just to hear how excited these soldiers are makes our day!!!

American Global Logistics and Grin Kids Charity

AGL Charity Event

AGL Charity Event

AGL CharityOn August 3-5, American Global Logistics became a sponsor for the Charlotte based Charitable Organization, Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids. This wonderful organization pays the way for terminally ill children to experience a once in a lifetime 1 week trip, all expenses paid, to Disney World in Orlando, FL. This year over $ 73,000 were raised which will allow for over 130 children to experience this opportunity. AGL, with their donation and volunteering, was able to assist with the organizing of the golfers at the golfing event on August 5. We were participants at both the auction and golf tournament.

We look forward to continuing in the sponsorship for years to come. Please click on the links enjoy what this charity is all about.

Please enjoy heart moving video to see the impact Grin Kids had on these children.

AGL Volunteers Visit Genesis Shelter

On August 14, employees from AGL Atlanta visited Genesis Shelter, where they volunteered as servers during dinnertime. Genesis Shelter is a nonprofit facility based in Atlanta that provides shelter and services to homeless newborns under six months of age, as well as their families. During the visit, we had the privilege of singing happy birthday to a little boy at the facility.shelter

AGL Wellness Lunch & Learn: Balancing Nutrition

On August 13, AGL Atlanta held its latest wellness lunch & learn session. This month’s topic was “Balancing Nutrition,” a shared event with our corporate guests, Global Aerospace. Our presenter was Page Love, MS, RD, LD, CSSD, registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist, of Nutrifit Sport Therapy Inc. (
Page began by posing the following questions for participants to consider:
  • What does your plate look like?
  • Do you skip breakfast or other meals?
  • Are you drinking a minimum of 80 ounces (10 cups) of hydrating fluids per day?
She advised us to set one goal to balance our nutrition with a dietary change. For example, if that goal is to add more vegetables to one’s diet, she suggested:
  • Making V8 juice, V8 Splash, or tomato juice one of your drink choices
  • Adding lettuce and tomato to a sandwich
  • Eating raw vegetables as sides
  • Trying soup with lots of vegetables or a vegetable smoothie
  • Eating nutrient-dense vegetables such as Romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, cabbage and avocado


Page also made suggestions for menu planning and shared tips on portion sizes, including:

  • Eat at least 3 regular meals and 2 snacks per day
  • Try not to go more than 3-4 hours without eating
  • Include adequate servings of each food group at every meal
  • Plan 3-4 ounces of protein at least twice a day
  • Consume small amounts (1 teaspoon) of fat at each meal to help with satiety and stabilizing blood sugar
  • Aim to have both a protein and carb at snack time
  • Drink at least 8 ounces of decaffeinated beverage with each meal and aim for 16 ounces at each snack time

AGL Assists C2C in Opening Latest Clinic in Haiti

american global logistics chad rosenberg

american global logistics chad rosenberg

Containers 2 Clinics (C2C) strives to provide medical care for people in the developing world in a unique way — by re-purposing shipping containers as clinics. After working with members of target communities to fully understand their health care needs, the organization uses philanthropic funding to manufacture, ship, and place the clinic, as well as to cover start-up costs and revenue shortfalls until the clinic begins to cover its annual operating costs. Their latest clinic officially opened in August in Camp Coq, Haiti, thanks in part to American Global Logistics (AGL), which covered the freight costs and customs clearance services for the clinic.

We thank our partners at C2C for the opportunity to support their distinctive approach to a worthy cause. We look forward to our next project together.

AGL Wellness Lunch & Learn: Conflict Resolution, July 9


On July 9, the AGL Atlanta team welcomed MS. Consultant and author Diara Kendrich for a session on Conflict Resolution, as part of the company’s ongoing Wellness Lunch & Learn series. Ms. Kendrich, the author of Who Farted in the Boardroom?!: How to Outscore Conflict in the Workplace, focused on the importance of successful conflict resolution for winning businesses. She offered specific examples of how facing conflict head-on can help prevent negative workplace side effects such as discomfort, disloyalty, misunderstanding, tension, indifference, decreased communication, increased resistance to change, employee dissatisfaction, and in the worst cases, work sabotage.

During the session, AGL employees role played through three (3) viewpoints of conflict: traditional, human relations, and interactions. Through this process, the entire team was able to better understand the impact that each type of conflict could have on individuals in the workplace. Ms. Kendrich also discussed strategies for following a conflict resolution model or plan, including: defining the problem, brainstorming possible solutions, evaluating solutions from the perspective of both parties, mutually agreeing on the most acceptable solution, deciding who will do what by when, implementing and evaluating the solution, and acting on findings. By agreeing to focus on the problem instead of the individuals involved, accept accountability, and listen wisely, attendees came away feeling better equipped to deal with workplace conflict in the future.

AGL Sponsors Independence Day Event at Martinsville Speedway

Celebration 2013_Martinsville Speedway_2013_07_03Celebration-2013_Thank-You_2013_07_03

On Wednesday, July 3, AGL served as one of three dozen sponsors of Celebration 2013, an evening of music and entertainment at the Martinsville Speedway. Headlined by 80’s rock band Night Ranger, this free event featured carnival rides, an opening performance by Project 4, and a spectacular fireworks display. AGL is proud to contribute our support to the communities in which we live and operate.

AGL Recognized for Support of Martinsville-Area SPCA

SPCA and American Global Logistics

SPCA and American Global Logistics


American Global Logistics (AGL) is a proud supporter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Recently, employees at the company’s Martinsville, VA location lent their time to the local SPCA of Martinsville and Henry County. Volunteers pitched in by cleaning the facility, walking and washing dogs, and assisting in cat socialization. In addition, AGL made a monetary pledge to help with the center’s operational costs.

We were honored to receive the following thank you letter from Leslie P. Hervery, Executive Director of the center:

Thank you for your pledge…Every penny of your gift will go directly to Martinsville and Henry County and covers the cost of food, shelter, medicine and supplies. You are helping with the day to day expenses of running the adoption center!

Thank you for supporting the animals in need of Martinsville/Henry County. This is YOUR community shelter and we depend on people like you. Thanks again!

SPCA group photo